Paris Bakery: A piece of France in Ibadan|Exploring Oyo hot spots + Hello December.

I am currently in France noo. I am currently at the Paris Bakery in the city of Ibadan!

Last week on my bid to explore the hot spots in my new city I decided to visit the most talked about Bakery in Ibadan the Paris Bakery.

Now I have heard lots of bloggers talk about this place before I ever thought of coming to Ibadan so when the opportunity came I decided to explore for myself.

The Paris Bakery is located beside first bank Adeoyo Junction MKO Abiola Way, Oluyole, Ibadan. Oyo state Nigeria.

I visit places more for the ambience, the vibe, how picturesque a place is, before I even think about how the food tastes.

The Paris Bakery had a great ambience. It had a cozy feel to it. I heard they recently remodeled, I would have loved to have visited the place before the remodeling. However,I liked the cafe feel it gave.


So every table had a menu and the bakery serves not only a wide variety of pastries but food like fried rice and chicken is available for those that will rather have a meal. All the information needed to help you choose what to order is made available on the table menus with their respective prices listed corrected.

I was there with a friend and we had Ice cream and Cake. My Ice cream was a mixture of coffee and oreo while his was vanilla. For the cake choice I opted for chocolate cake (my absolute fav) and he opted for the red velvet. The cake was a disappointment but the icecream was glorious. All the disappointment I felt towards the cake was washed away by the yummy ice cream.

The staff were friendly, very poliet and very helpful which I liked.

My over all experience was nice I will rate the Paris bakery a 6/10 because although the icecream was an absolute hit the cake was definitely not. I will definitely visit again and try something different off their menu.

Meanwhile it’s a new month! Hello December!!!!! It’s the last month of the year and well I am so excited to see another wonderful year end. I have alot of posts lined up for this month and there will be something on fashion and beauty and an exclusive interview with someone cool.

Here are 31 things to do before the 31st of December:

Happy new month to my lovely readers. I am grateful a whole lot of things and that includes you and your life.What are you grateful for this month of December? And what are your plans for this new month?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Have a wonderful week and month ahead.

Love D.A


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