Money Monday: One (1) solid reason why you should stay away from Get rich quick money schemes.

Hello guys it’s Monday and we are back with Money Monday! Today I am giving you 1 solid reason why you should stay away from get rich quick money schemes.

I actually wanted to write about a very different financial issue but I opted out to put out this post for you.

Now, I have been getting so many messages on social media from money Messiahs claiming to solve all my financial problems. I noticed I haven’t been the only one getting these messages, this is actually becoming a trend. I decided to write about it because I know alot of people have fell for these money schemes posing as very good investment opportunities.

When these money scheme/flip people approach you, they usually start off by starting a friendly conversation saying hi and asking your name, where you live etc, then they ask you questions like “have you heard of the best financial opportunity that is aimed to change your life” blah blah blah.

These money Messiahs claim their ‘get rich quick scheme’ is the financial solution you have been searching for, No it is most definitely NOT!

And here is your one (1) solid reason why you should stay away from Get rich quick money schemes:

I will keep this simple, these people are SCAM artists that prey on the financial insecurities of others. They promise you riches quicker than normal through investment opportunities. Trust me once you transfer your initial investment to them for that “too good to be true investment opportunity” they will come back for more and when they know you can’t send any more they will ghost on you. Did you see how fast the person that was selling that fake investment opportunity to me blocked me when he saw he couldn’t fool me?

I am so tired of these people that do these kinds of things. Their target market are young and older people. Young people because they know a lot of young people of today lack adequate financial knowledge and the greed factor is common among youngsters. The old person’s are targeted because to the fear of financial insecurity especially when they have retired and no longer have a steady source of income.

No matter your financial situation trust me get rich schemes are not the answer. Systematically saving and investing your money is the way to build financial security.

Remember if it’s too good to be true its usually not true. Stay Woke!!!


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