Exploring Agodi gardens with my sisters|My experience and review of this Ibadan hotspot.

Agodi Gardens is one of Ibadan hotspots and a main tourist attraction in the city. When I moved to Ibadan, I did a Google search to find out the very best places to visit and Agodi gardens popped up top on the list. I just knew I had to visit so when my sister came over for a visit, we decided to go exploring Agodi Gardens.

It is a botanical gardens of difference spieces of plants which makes it a great spot to hang out and have some fun with family and friends.

I visted with two of my beautiful sisters Winnie and Anne and here is my review of the place.

Little history of the Place.

Agodi Gardens was formerly known as Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens, it was created in 1967 but sadly destroyed by flood in the 1980s. It was renovated and reopened sometime in 2014 by the government. In the city of Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, it is a great tourist attraction for people visiting for the first time and exploring the city.

My Experience

Agodi Gardens is a botanical gardens of difference spieces of plants which makes it a great spot to hang out and have some fun. When you step into the gated compound you see the large mass of land and lots of trees.

My sisters and I decided to visit on a Sunday after church, we arrived by 11:30 am there about but unfortunately the garden wasn’t open yet because they open by 12noon on Sundays (I didn’t see that on Google). So we sat within the compound in the parking lot space and waited till 12 when they admitted us in after paying a N500 ($1.40) gate fee each.

This gate fee gives you access to wander the garden and explore. This is exactly what we did. We walked following the pathway from the gate down to the gated pool area. There were lots and lots of trees, I could hear birds chirping above and the breeze blew the leaves on the trees making a very soothing sound.

A playground for kids with games was to the left of our walk at the end of the pathway, apparently that is also where the vendors set up. That fateful Sunday there were no kids, no vendors, everywhere was just sort of empty. We wanted to purchase water and snacks for a little picnic but we could only get water as the only vendor around was the lady by the pool area gate who sold only water and drinks. We couldn’t get snacks because there were no vendors selling food around because the vendors don’t usually come Sundays. Fortunately we found another lady who sold biscuits so we purchased some.

With only water and biscuits in our stomachs we set off to explore the rest of Agodi gardens starting with the pool area. It was enclosed and had a second gate. We were told we have to pay another N500 ($1.40) to swim or seat in the pool area. We didn’t come with a swim gear so we didn’t swim. I just scanned the place and left.

After exploring the pool area we followed the pavement pathway that let to a space where they keep the horses. It wasn’t a barn but just an area were the horses stayed.

The horses were left to wander about without a caretaker going around the park with them. I don’t know if that is how they handle the horses daily or if it was just something that happens on Sundays. Anyway, watching the horses run was amazing and a little scary for me. I moved towards them to touch them you will see that in the video (although I am scared of animals in general) but my sister kept saying it was too dangerous because their handler wasn’t around and in the case were they react negatively to my touch, their handler isn’t there to calm them down.

While we watched the horses for a bit, we sat for a while enjoying the scenery of masses of green lands before and behind us and the clean air of the place. We proceeded to take lots of photos that has been stunting on the gram before we left.

Favorite thing about the place.

My favorite thing about the place was the serenity. Everywhere was cool and calm and of course nothing beats watching horses in their element.


Due to lack of vendors, games and side attractions but based on the badass pictures I took and the serenity it gave, I rate Agodi Gardens in my opinion a 7/10. 7 only because of the serene environment, the picturesque spots and of course because I hung out with my sisters!

Will I visit again?

Maybe on a Saturday with a group of friends for a picnic or an event hosted in the park. Definitely never again on a Sunday.

Here are my top tips for visiting Agodi gardens :

  1. Go on a Saturday, especially if you are going with your kids, apparently all the fun activities happen on Saturdays.
  2. The Gate fee is N500 and if you want to swim take an extra N500 and a swim suit.
  3. Do not be afraid to explore.
  4. Be careful around the horses (although they seemed really domesticated you can never be too careful)
  5. Have fun and take lots of pictures. There is no camera fee so you can come with your camera.

That said I had a fun day regardless, we created fun for ourselves and Here is a video of my visit.

That begins us to the end of this post, it’s always a pleasure writing and thank you for stopping by my space on the internet. I hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful if you ever want to visit Agodi gardens. Meanwhile, have you visited a place similar to this? What was your experience?


  1. I enjoyed this post and the photos. And how interesting, those trees were used for car paneling. (I’m a big tree fan!) But the two things that really jumped out at me were, one, I love your pants! That lace edge and the color! And they look nice on you. Two, your pants are almost the same color as those flowers you posted a photo of here. I’ve never seen flowers with leaves like that before. So, thanks for letting me wander the gardens with you and your sisters.


  2. Oh I visited Agodi Gardens and also did a similar review sometime last year. It was an awesome space!

    Like you advised, I went on a Saturday with friends and after taking pictures, walking around and watching people ride the horses, we had a game of paintball. And I felt alive for the first time in a really long while.

    Agodi Park and Gardens is so unique and affordable (I can imagine how much they’d charge for a location like this in Lagos) and they need to add more facilities.

    It’s a fun place to be!


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