5+1 people that have no business with Detty December.

Detty december is here again people!! While everyone is busy prepping for the fun events lined up for the next couple of weeks, we were busy compelling a short list of the 5+1 people that have no business with Detty December below:

1. The broke ones: Lets call a spade a spade, everyone knows their financial status and if you need some convincing just look at your bank statement to confirm.

2. The Financially Unstable ones:

Being financially unstable is different from being broke. If you know your income is as unstable as the current of the seven seas don’t spend your money catching trips without any soft landing. Lets not forget that January is literally a 13 week month and once that January drag starts you will wish you made better decisions.

3. Employers who haven’t paid their employees:

Dear Employers, don’t ball on the salary you’re supposed to pay your employees. It’s December and people are looking forward to their salaries and employee benefits. Pay up, do not use someone’s salary to pop bottles. Your workers and their families depend on that salary, so do the needful

4. The indecisive ones:

You’re not sure of the show to attend, you aren’t even sure if you should attend any show. My sister, my brother don’t even bother. If you’re not ready to Parte after Parte, find something else to do this December.

5. The ones with huge financial decisions to make for 2020: the new year is usually when people make a lot of life changing decisions and most times these decisions have some heavy financial implications attached to it. If you’re one who has such plans, evaluate carefully before making any decision that may be detrimental to your 2020 goals.

6. None Marlians:

Marlians move forward everyone f*** off! Just kidding but if you aren’t ready to have fun don’t even bother spending your money on these concerts and shows. If you belong to any category above then you have something more important to focus on instead of Detty December. However Enjoy your December to the fullest. It’s the holiday season and it should be enjoyed.

Bonus Point: The people who detty December is actually for!