Hello Love.

Hello love,

Welcome to Chicitynomad a community dedicated to helping you #liveyourbestlife possible. We are so excited that you stumbled upon this page and we would love for you to be a part of this ever growing amazing community of goal-crushing-lovers-of-life-and-adventure!

See what I did there? Yeah that’s how excited we get over here.  Chicitynomad created by me Deeawata  was born out of the need to live unapologetically living everyday with purpose and just enjoying everyday as it comes. To know more about me (Dee) you can visit my personal instagram and shoot a DM I love speaking to new people.

Over here the hashtag #liveyourbestlife is more about the actions we take and decisions we make and less about the cute pictures and hashtags. We connect, we take responsibility and also make moves to achieve that coveted balanced life that everyone craves. The only difference is we are ready to roll up our sleeves and do the work.

Therefore, Chicitynomad is your No.1 source for personal finance, lifestyle and adventure/travel content. We share tips, tricks and hacks that enables you develop positively and live to the fullest.

Welcome to the community don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on instagram and twitter for content curated just for you. Feel free to comment in posts, Tag us in your pictures and connect with everyone.

Always remember you are an important part of the universe.

– Love D.A♥


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